Raw food is all the rage–so our friend (and talented decorator) Max Sinsteden has dreamed up some groovy smoothie recipes for y’all to enjoy. We’d been salivating over his gorgeous Instagrams of these sweet treats, and he was more than happy to lend us his tricks for making a delish morning drink. For most of these recipes, he recommends a professional-grade Vitamix blender, which can handle juicer-worthy fruits and veggies (apples and leafy kale) that regular blenders can’t. More recipes and tips follow after the jump.


Max’s tips for getting a picture-perfect smoothie every time:

  • Always add liquid ingredients first, followed by smaller/fresher ingredients, followed by frozen chunks.
  • Start on low speed, stopping to use a spatula or stirring stick to get the contents closer to the blades.
  • Avoid using too high a speed, which will result in a frothy consistency.
  • Add more liquid as necessary, but don’t over add too early (more smoothie-like, less juice-like).
  • A touch of agave nectar will sweeten the drink.
  • Paper straws make everything look chic!